Packing List
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Donít forget these essential items when packing the truck for the agility trial

Setting the Course:

Agility Equipment (of course)

Donít forget cotter pins, chains, stakes, tunnel holders, and all the "little" pieces

Flagging or fencing to mark the course boundaries

Need poles, too

100í measuring tape

For measuring the boundaries and laying out a course grid

Smaller measuring tape

For checking A-frame height, jump heights

Flags or grid markers

For marking the course grid

Tape for gamble line, golf tees

Plastic tees are recommended for securing the gamble line tape.


For driving stakes for tunnels, etc. At least 2.

Numbered cones, snooker flags, start line markers


Large maps of the courses

Extras for the course builders

Elsewhere on the Site

Folding Tables

For check-in, scoring, raffle, awards, hospitality


For all the above plus bar-setters, gate stewards, timers, scribes, etc.

Rain & shade tarps

Donít forget stakes to hold these down.


Directions to the site, check-in, ring numbers, etc.

Waste bins, plastic liners

For trash as well as dog waste

Easels, white boards w/ markers

For gate check-in and postings


All the paperwork

Score sheets, scribe sheets, course maps, catalogs, running order, gate sheets, check-in sheets


Recommend 2 per ring


1 per ring plus a spare


Minimum 1 per score table plus a spare

Start flags or bell

Something to signal competitors on the line that they may start their run

Measuring wickets or device

For measuring dogs


For USDAA pairs


For the scribes and perhaps also the judge

Pens, pencils, pencil sharpener

For scribes and score table

White-out, correction tape, carbon paper

For score table

Masking tape, clear tape, push-pins

For posting results, making repairs

Binders, file holders

To hold score sheets, course maps, and all the other paperwork you donít want to lose track of

Highlighters, permanent markers


Stapler, paper clips, large clips


Ribbons, awards, judges gifts

Forgetting these is BAD.

Other Handy Stuff

Pooper scooper and plastic baggies

Make it easy for exhibitors to keep the site clean

Big box of doggie treats

Exhibitors appreciate

Wire ties, duct tape, super glue, WD-40, rope, wire

Emergency repairs

Tools: screwdrivers, drill, wire cutters, pliers, more hammers, sandpaper


Natures Miracle, vinegar

Or other cleaner, to remove the smell of "mistakes" in the ring

Buckets, spray bottles


Extension cords, power strips


PA System


Flash lights, extra batteries